Prof Clare Peddie

Head of School

BMS 4.15
tel. 01334 463548
fax. 01334 462595

I am the Head of School for the School of Biology.  

To find me come in the main door Biomedical Sciences Building on the North Haugh, if you are feeling in need of exercise head up stairs to level 4 and turn right at the top through the double doors otherwise take the lift to level 4 and turn left out of the lift through the double doors. Take the next turn right  - my room is 4-15.

In the School of Biology, I am Module Organiser for BL4251 Tropical Marine Biology and BL4249 Scientific Diving.  I teach Zoology and Marine Biology subjects at all levels across the undergraduate programmes offered by the School of Biology.  At Senior Honours I offer specialised modules in Tropical Marine Biology, Human Diving Physiology and a field module based in South-East Sulawesi in Scientific Diving.   I am very interested in the value of peer-marking, group work and field work in the educational experience.

As a volunteer, I have been Chair of the Board of Directors of British Sub-Aqua Club.  I have been responsible for the safety and training of 40,000 recreational divers in the UK for the last 6 years. I have worked with the MMO, DEFRA, Health and Safety Executive, MCA, RNLI and the UK Sports Diving Medical Committee and a number of other international and UK-based organisations to ensure that advice and practice in the recreational diving field reflects current law, medical and safety advice. 






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