Mr Jack Maunder




I joined the Sediment Ecology Research Group (SERG) as a research technician in December 2012 and will be primarily involved in the CBESS project, which includes field campaigns based in a range of intertidal areas in Essex and Morecambe Bay. I will be responsible for the field collection of contact cores and FMS fluorometer readings, and in turn the laboratory based processing of samples collected. My work will also involve assisting various projects including those based in the Eden Estuary.



In July 2012 I obtained my MSci Marine Biology degree from the University of Southampton. My final year masters project was entitled ‘Assessing the distribution and reproductive capacity of wild Crassostrea gigas in Poole Harbour’; this work focused on the potential impact of the invasive Pacific oyster C. gigas on the native population of Ostrea edulis and the local environment. I have a strong interest in all aspects of marine biology but am particularly interested in fisheries and aquaculture, the ecology and management of intertidal areas and the effects of alien species introductions.