Dr Rebecca Kinnear (née Aspden)

SOTEAG Engagement Officer

SOI 1.9
tel. 01334 463613
fax. 01334 463443

General Information

My role is to raise awareness of the group by developing a range of engagement activities and attending meetings and conferences.


Previously I was PDRA and Laboratory Manager for SERG. I have a PhD in Marine Ecology from the University St Andrews and a BSc in Coastal and Marine Ecology from the University Plymouth. During august 2000 I carried out an internship at the Alfred Wegner Institute in Sylt, Germany, studying the effects of a tube building polycheate reef on the sediment and faunal diversities within and surrounding it.
I worked for a marine and freshwater consultancy agency (Unicomarine Ltd) prior to joining SERG. During this time I was involved in the identification of invertebrate fauna found within samples taken for various projects. These contracts were undertaken for many different reasons including port development and dredging, coastal protection, fishery studies, and habitat surveys.


Publication record

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