Pierre-Louis Joffrin

What is your current position?

Corporate Development Associate at Cell Mogrify Ltd.

What do you do in your current position?

Cell Mogrify is an early stage Biotech company spun out from Prof. Julian Gough's laboratory at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) in Cambridge. My role consists of a combination of Operational management (corporate), business development (commercial) and fund raising. The operational management aspect is made up of lots of admin work as well as accountancy, HR, IT etc. The business development facet relates to connecting to potential research partners to develop our therapies. The fundraising aspect consists of seeking investment from venture capital funds to keep obtain capital and keep developing our therapeutic assets.

What career path have you taken to reach your current position?

  • University of St Andrews 2012-2016 _ BSc in Biochemistry
  • University of Oxford 2016-2017 _ MSc in Pharmacology
  • Oxford Sciences Innovation 2017-2018 _ Internship in Venture Capital
  • Deep Science Ventures 2018-2019 _ Life Sciences Programme & Investment Manager
  • Cell Mogrify _ Corporate Development Associate

Is there any advice that you would give to students thinking about their future career?

  • Do a postgraduate degree (minimum Masters), but;
  • Don't do a PhD for the sake of getting the title.
  • Consider Laboratory Assistant positions to boost your CV & broaden your horizons
  • Take your time – you're in no rush!
  • Get out there and try something.




name:Pierre-Louis Joffrin
studied: Biochemistry
job:Corporate Development Associate
at:Cell Mogrify Ltd

Pierre-Louis Joffrin